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Cheap Flights Avoiding Scams
Air Courier Path to Cheap Travel

When word first got out about air courier flights, insiders worried that their secret gravy-train of cheap airfares would be derailed. There were few courier flights available, and increased passenger demand would overwhelm the supply of cheap seats. This was in the mid-Eighties. Rather than dying out, courier opportunities have increased dramatically. A flock of new courier firms and brokers sprouted in the late Eighties, and the larger companies are still expanding their networks as of mid-1994. Business depends more and more each year on guaranteed overnight shipping, so the need for couriers should do nothing but increase continuously for the foreseeable future... more
Avoiding Scams Against Travelers

Travel is one of the world's largest industries, and it is growing. Unfortunately, a related growth industry is ripping off travelers. For local scam artists, each new tourist season brings in a fresh crop of inexperienced travelers who have not yet learned the tricks of the road. Inevitably, some of them end up learning the hard way. Reading the following paragraphs is learning the easy way

Dress as if you are poor. You don't have to wear clothes with holes in them, but don't wear jewelry, fancy watches, expensive shoes, or upscale clothes... more
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