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About Us
About Us: Simple, impartial, expert advice for travelers

“The more you know, the more you’ll save.” That’s our motto. Each day, we strive to deliver you unbiased travel information that will save you money. We are opinionated, and not afraid to tell you when we find something we don’t like.

Insider Publications was founded at the University of California, Berkeley in 1989. We’ve been writing about how to find good deals in travel ever since.

More Bang for Your Travel Buck!

The secret of getting the best travel deals is this: shop around. But shopping around takes time. Too much time. That’s why we do the shopping for you. We do the endless testing. In fact, we are continuously looking for new ways to save you money on your travels. When we find them, we write them up here (and often mention them first in our free e-newsletter.)

How We Make a Buck:

We Can’t Be Bought! Like a traditional newspaper, we have built a wall between editorial and advertising, and we stick to it. Any editorial coverage of a place/product/service happens because we think you will find it useful. All ads on our site are clearly labeled as advertising. (For advertising information and rates, please use our contact form.) And every single travel option you find on our site is there because we believe it is something our readers need to know.

What we seek to cover is simple: Value For Money. We think that every traveler can travel longer, and travel more often, if they get the best possible value for their money when they travel. When we find a good deal, we want to make it easy for you to purchase that deal. To do so, we sometimes link to affiliate programs. If you purchase through these links, we earn a small commission, while you pay the same or less than if you booked through the vendor directly. Our affiliate programs also give you the most current pricing for your travel purchase. In travel, prices change many times per day. Our affiliates can and do keep up with those changes. If online booking is not possible for a given item, we provide you with a price range, and contact information so you can negotiate directly with the supplier. We encourage you to shop around; even the rates of our hand-picked affiliates can sometimes be beat.

We’ve been publishing travel information for a long time, and we’ve succeeded because of you, our readers. Our commitment to you is this: we will work hard every day to earn your trust, and to find you good deals.

The Buck Stops Here!

I’m Michael McColl, the founder of Insider Publications. (More about me here.) If you ever have a complaint, question, or suggestion, please use our feedback form to bring it to my attention. I regret that I cannot personally respond to every message, but I can promise you to personally read and consider every message sent in by our readers. We work for you, and I want to know when we can do better.

Travel well,
Michael McColl
Founder and Editor In Chief
Insider Publications

PS This cannot be stressed enough: We promise to protect your privacy; we’ll never loan, rent or sell your email address to anyone. So please subscribe to our very occasional e-newsletter. Our e-newsletter only goes out when I find something important to share with you. Typically, you’ll receive less than one issue per month.

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